Your team at LocTeam not only translates websites, taking into account the cultural differences of the target market, but also offers a wide variety of additional website localization services.

If you need to translate a website, we are your one-stop solution.

From regular maintenance to Content Management System (CMS) services through multimedia integration and quality assurance testing, LocTeam is a comprehensive website translation, localization and testing resource, bringing decades of experience to projects of all sizes.

Don’t rely on inconsistent, unpredictable computer-generated translation — talk to LocTeam to translate your website for a fully optimized user experience.

Naturally, users prefer navigating through websites in their native languages. And more importantly, visitors would rather go through purchasing transactions in their own languages. We can translate your content into any language, keeping the target audience in mind, and making sure we cover all cultural nuances to maximize the quality of your web content, as well as the power of your message.

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Integrating all translated text, movies, pictures, scripts and audio without affecting the functionality of the original website requires a deep understanding of web development tools such as standard CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Contao, etc.) and the conventional HTML 5 format. At LocTeam, our interdisciplinary team assimilates all of these elements, preserving the look, feel and functionality of the original website.

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Our Quality Assurance Team guarantees that final deliveries meet the highest standards and fulfill each client’s expectations. Our proven processes help to prevent any functional or design-related issues from occurring in the localized, translated website.

At LocTeam, we apply quality management procedures at the beginning of a website translation project. These processes are in place through the editing and engineering stages where systematic processes need to be followed. At the end of each project, we apply quality assurance testing with detailed fine-tuning to ensure the integrity of the final deliverable.

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Creating a website takes a lot of time and planning. Maintaining it requires equal consideration. At LocTeam, we can maintain and update your website, based on your unique requirements.

We will also test every single upgrade or modification after implementation, in any language, including:

  • Product changes and additions
  • Late-breaking news
  • Upcoming events
  • Design of buttons, banners and similar assets

Other site maintenance requirements may include daily updates to press releases, for example, which oftentimes need to be translated in a variety of languages within very quick turnaround times.

We have vast experience in this type of ongoing, day-to-day website maintenance and have a consistent track record in this category with our international bank clients and prominent publishing house clients, to name a few.

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LocTeam engineers also have extensive experience working with Content Management System (CMS) tools. This expertise allows us to offer a wide range of capabilities to our clients that include, but are not limited to, the following services:

  • Providing webmaster services (managing the day-to-day running of the website and making changes when required)
  • Distributing and managing updated content including any related translation requirements
  • Implementing and maximizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Preparing technical specifications and modifications
  • Providing training support to staff in local markets
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Dedicated In‑house Team Read moreRead more

It is critical to any international or localized website, especially those supporting sites in multiple countries, that technical support — as it relates to localization and website translation — needs to be addressed quickly and seamlessly. All necessary modifications need to be handled simultaneously for each translated version of the site.

This multilingual fluidity requires consistency in managerial and support personnel, which is why LocTeam provides you with an in‑house team dedicated to your account. Our international experience enables us to synchronize and support the needs of up to 18 countries at a time, with simultaneous updates to every website.

Visit the travel section in our project portfolio to read about the multilingual website translation, SEO and webmaster services we provided for an official tourism website.

With the depth of our in‑house team’s skills and vast technical backgrounds, we have the flexibility to quickly add the necessary resources — from engineers to testers — to meet your schedules and timelines. We also provide each of our clients with a dedicated in‑house project manager to manage all aspects of your site maintenance from start to finish, providing you with seamless continuity of service.

For more information or to request a quote, contact us.

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