Turn to your team at LocTeam to deliver a one-stop, end-to-end localization and translation resource for Windows, Unix, Mac OS, iOS and Android platforms, as well as for all documentation, online help, marketing materials and other texts associated with software application localization and specialized translation.

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The art of successful software translations is to convey an application’s original meaning to the target audience while simultaneously expressing concepts that may be completely new to the user. This is what we do — and we’ve got it down to a science.

LocTeam has produced more than 10,000 software localization projects for clients worldwide.

With software localization, we take terminology translations and code-related translations and adapt the application to the linguistic and stylistic settings of the target country. Localization includes everything from the treatment of dates, currency, time and industry-specific terminology to the cultural nuances within any given language.

Translation Memory Tools

In the IT industry, where incremental software updates and shorter time-to-market cycles are becoming standard operating procedures, software localization can only be expedited cost-efficiently with the use of translation memory tools.

Translation memory tools are essential to effective localization and translation.

LocTeam uses translation memory tools to help increase productivity and reduce time and costs while maintaining quality throughout the software application localization process. The success of these tools depends on specialized translation by highly skilled professionals who know how to take advantage of their features.

At LocTeam, we have been using CAT tools for more than two decades and can manage and maintain translation memories (TMs) properly.

The translation memory tools we employ:

  • Optimize the management of terminology
  • Ensure consistency throughout all the material
  • Keep the translation memory for future reference in case any update is needed

LocTeam features a wide range of general translation memories as well as project-based translation memories.

We own specific terminology glossaries for highly specialized content in European languages, Middle Eastern, East European and Asian languages — totaling over 80 languages.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our clients benefit from our wide range of subject matter expertise. All our translators and proofreaders are qualified native-speaking professionals with a university degree and at least five years of experience in the localization industry.

Additionally, our localization and specialized translation experience includes, but is not limited to, localization and translation for operating systems and applications in a wide range of categories (cooking, education, entertainment, financial, games, music, photography, productivity, servers, social networks, video editing and more).

In addition to software translation, we can also provide translation and localization services for your printed documentation, online help and marketing material translations.

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With more than 10,000 software localization projects in our portfolio, we have been able to refine and streamline our process to maximize efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards and best practices.

Read on to learn more about how we approach the software localization engineering and testing phases.

Localization Engineering

Before translation can begin, we launch the engineering phase of the localization and translation process. Our engineers analyze the files and select the right localization tools depending on the package provided, ensuring the steps that follow, such as translation and testing, will flow as smoothly as possible.

At this first stage, localization engineers process the files with the proper automatic localization tools creating "translation kits" where code and tags are blocked, which prevents any corruption of the files at the translation phase, focusing the translator's attention on the text needing localization.

Localization engineers are responsible for creating instructions for special terms which need to be defined for the first time, new technology and terms which do not need to be localized, among others.

Once a translation is finished, our localization engineers adapt the software to make it suitable for the target market.

Changes to a software application localization and translation project can range from minor user interface (UI) adaptations to modifying the software to the country-specific keyboard configuration. All modifications are implemented while maintaining the functional consistency and aesthetic appearance of the original software, application or product.

Dialog boxes, menu options and error messages usually need to be resized so the translation fits in the space provided and remains consistent with the look of the original software.

Our expert engineers will make sure all resizing and clipped texts are fixed so that localized files go to the testing phase as clean and polished as possible.

Localization Testing

LocTeam testing is designed to identify problems early. Our engineers, developers and testers work closely together and are focused on analyzing and experimenting with the files from the very beginning of the localization and translation process.

We identify and report localizability issues early in the process to save our clients time and money.

Our proactive testing approach enables us to address and resolve issues as part of the localization process — keeping post-localization problems to a minimum and ensuring your deadline is met.

We test with a wide range of devices that include:

  • 160 computers (Mac and PC with multiple OS versions)
  • iPhones, iPad and iPod touch devices
  • MP3 players
  • Mobile phones (Samsung, Sony Xperia, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia)
  • DV cameras
  • Wireless mice and keyboards with different language layouts

Our Quality Assurance Department guarantees that final deliveries meet the highest standards and fulfill the client’s expectations. This comprehensive approach to the localization testing process prevents the risk of functional or design-related issues in the localized version(s) of the software.

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Through our extensive experience with global companies in localization and translation for software, specialized applications, products, books, documents, marketing materials, maps, charts and more, we understand and can provide guidance for best practices for software adaptations for other markets.

LocTeam provides localization and translation expertise at every stage of the localization process.

If you have already localized a software application, product or document, we can analyze and deliver recommendations for improvements. In addition, our work often impacts the marketing documents or materials associated with localization projects.

Ensuring that marketing is aligned with your technology or product and that it is localized accordingly is essential to any consistent and well-executed localization and translation effort.

To learn more or request a quote, contact us today.

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