When selling your product around the world, there's a fine line between success and disaster. You have to know your customers and make your product irresistible. LocTeam can help you do both.

With more than 10,000 Mac and iOS projects in our portfolio, you can turn to LocTeam with confidence to:

  • Translate your software or documentation to suit your target countries and customers
  • Adjust for cultural and linguistic nuances in every target language
  • Help you refine your multinational sales strategy

Our approach to multilingual translation and localization alone makes LocTeam unique. But what further sets us apart from the competition is that we specialize in global Mac and iOS localization.

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From multilingual Mac and iOS translation to software building and testing, we can deliver the highest-quality Mac, iPhone and iPad localization. The proof is in our tools, expertise, Mac language fluency and cost efficiencies — and in the long list of customers who rely on LocTeam every day.

Localization Tools

LocTeam has developed a range of Mac and iOS app localization tools to improve the quality and speed of the localization process. Our technical staff has years of experience using the right tools every day, so you'll never pay for on-the-job training.

Mac and iOS Language Fluency

We speak the Mac and iOS language every day and we have created a library of all-Mac and iOS glossaries. We know the lingo and our clients can benefit from our large database of multilingual Mac and iOS translation memories.

Cost Efficiencies

We know our way around the Mac and iOS operating systems and we complete all work within dedicated project teams. That translates into further efficiency and reliability.

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LocTeam has probably handled more Mac and iOS localization projects than any localization company in Europe and beyond. We have the staff and facilities to handle projects of any scale, from a few-thousand-word document translation to a multilingual localization requiring tens of thousands of words per day, per language.

We will manage every aspect of your project from start to finish, leveraging time and cost efficiencies along the way. We will use the best tools available, including ones we've built ourselves. We will implement a rigorous testing and QA process to guarantee your final product is flawless.

When you make LocTeam your Mac and iOS localization partner you can trust your project is being handled expertly, efficiently and accurately.

Mac and iOS App Localization

LocTeam offers advanced skills and expertise in Mac app localization and iOS app localization. Here is a preview of what you can expect from our process:

Mac and iOS Multilingual Translation
Technical and linguistic competence is a must for Mac app translation and iOS app translation. We must convey the original meaning of the software to the target audience and express concepts that may be completely new to the user. Mac- and iOS-specific features are all displayed in Mac's signature style. If your app has an accompanying online help feature, a supporting website, marketing-related material, AppStore description or keywords, we will translate those, too.

Localization Engineering
Following translation, LocTeam engineers adapt the software to suit the target market. Changes range from minor interface modifications to adapting the software to the country-specific keyboard configuration. All changes respect the layout of the original app, the challenges required by the target markets and the importance of preserving the treasured Mac and iOS “look and feel.”

Rigorous Testing
The LocTeam Quality Assurance team guarantees that final deliveries meet the highest standards and fulfill client expectations. We conduct exhaustive functional testing and linguistic testing to the application and online help. And our native speakers will always conduct run-time testing using the appropriate device and the latest OS version to ensure seamless compatibility.

Robust Security
At LocTeam we use the latest industry-standard security systems, both for internal connectivity and to connect to and communicate with our clients' IT systems. Access to all critical systems is secured via VPN, smartcards, encrypted messaging, and compulsory authentication. We assign restricted-access rooms for high confidentiality projects, and all team members sign mandatory confidentiality agreements.

Software Localization Consulting
In addition to hands-on services, we can leverage our extensive Mac and iOS localization experience with leading companies to help you adapt your app to other markets. We will review your localized product and consult with you on the best way to improve it.

Translating your app for other operating systems? We also offer localization for Windows, non-Mac Unix, Windows Phone and Android platforms. Learn more about our software localization services and mobile app localization services.

Documentation Translation

Translating technical documentation requires a multidisciplinary team with multilingual expertise. Our documentation translation services include the following:

LocTeam will translate your documentation or manual, taking into account the cultural nuances of the target market.


Our large team of specialized proofreaders conducts content and stylistic revisions, no matter how technical or complex a text may be.

Multilingual Management
Localizing your product for multiple target languages? LocTeam will streamline your projects by providing a single point of contact who will manage and compile all translations into a single multilingual manual.

Desktop Publishing
LocTeam can create your layout from scratch or work within a predefined layout. Other services include image retouching and picture processing — graphs, logos, pictograms, and other pictures. We can handle any part of the production process, from translation to prepress.

Graphics and Movies Localization
We use the latest animation and video editing applications to localize any movie or graphic, from the usual screenshots to the most complex high-resolution ones.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The real key to a successful Mac and iOS localization project is simple: testing and more testing. This is where LocTeam rises far above its competition.

Our localization and QA specialists ensure a bug-free, cost-efficient finished product by following these important testing and quality assurance steps:

Quality metrics to measure the number and importance of each problem issue and time devoted to solve it.

Corrective actions for the specific problem, as well as the process itself, in order to avoid any repetition in the future.

Tracking of the corrective action taken and the ability of the new or modified process to prevent the problem from recurring.

Time and quality measurements of each task to maximize the cost effectiveness of the overall project.

Continual training to ensure the entire team has the required know-how to help LocTeam deliver on its promise of maximum quality.

Thorough tools testing prior to deployment to guarantee accuracy and quality.

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LocTeam’s knowledge base and reputation are built on the successful completion of more than 10,000 Mac and iOS localization projects. Our unmatched experience and expertise allow us to work quickly and easily within a range of platforms, languages and applications.

Platform Expertise

  • Specializing in Mac OS X and iOS
  • Windows, Windows Phone and Android

Application Expertise

  • Cooking
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Games
  • Music
  • Operating Systems
  • Photography
  • Productivity
  • Professional Applications
  • Servers
  • Social Networks
  • Video
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Technology Read moreRead more

LocTeam's success is built on a foundation of tools, technology, infrastructure and experience spanning more than two decades. We understand the technology behind the Mac and iOS and have the skills to apply more advanced Xcode and iOS-centric software tools to your project than any other localization company.

Your entire Mac or iOS project is localized on Macs by experts who specialize in OS X, iOS and Xcode. We combine the industry's best app localization tools with our own proprietary tools to get the job done right, and on time, every time.

Industry Localization Tools

LocTeam is familiar with all major industry software localization tools to help in the translation, engineering and testing steps of the localization process:

Translation memory tools allow an optimized management of terminology, detect repetitions, ensure consistency throughout all the material and keep the translation memory for future reference in case updates are needed.

We also use software engineering tools to conduct .nib, .strings, .xib, .plist files localization and translation. These give us the ability to edit most of these files as well as others such as .rsrc and graphic files, extract and insert translation in localized files, check .strings files, compare localization parts for a set of files or projects and check for consistency, localized variables or missing files.

We perform testing on multiple platforms, including OS X, Windows OS platforms (both virtualized or native OS), iOS and Android. We use clean installations for all the possible target OS testing.

We also have iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices, specially dedicated to testing iOS applications, and we are experts in the use of Apple Developer tools, such as Xcode and Interface Builder, for testing or building those kinds of applications.

LocTeam Proprietary Localization Tools

We have developed our own unique set of proprietary localization tools, scripts and apps to improve the speed and quality of localization in a Mac and iOS environment. These tools include:

LocTeam - SplitJoinWG
This powerful little tool splits big glossary files into several smaller ones, and then joins them back together, for instance, to be sent to multiple translators for faster throughput.

LocTeam - WebFlags
To ensure proper timing and resource assignment, we built this Web tool to track and manage localization projects by properly assembling different pieces (management, interface fitting, testing and delivering).

LocTeam - Automator Scripts Package
We have used the powerful OS X Automator application for building workflow for several tasks. Our scripts package automatically extracts texts of InDesign and other types of documents, and does complex find and replace actions, among other tasks.

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Mac and iOS localization