Publishing houses are finding that eBooks and iBooks Textbooks, once a small portion of their sales, now represent an ever-growing segment of their business. With the rise in e-reader usage, publishers are under pressure to convert books that were originally designed for print into eBooks or iBooks Textbooks, and to offer these eBooks in additional languages.

That's where LocTeam comes in.

We have been helping publishers expand their global reach for more than 20 years with our end-to-end translation and localization services. LocTeam's unique combination of book production and software engineering experience allows us to translate content of any topic into any format — in any language.

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You can be confident that LocTeam's adaptation of your content will be seamless and that your ideas will come through as you intended.

We have produced more than 3,000 titles for leading European publishing houses, and have performed more than 10,000 translation and localizations on everything from eBooks and iBooks Textbooks to mobile apps and software applications to complete operating systems. Browse some of our projects.

Professional Translators
Our large network of professional translators is comprised of qualified native professionals and subject matter experts in topics ranging from architecture to zoology. They are dedicated to incorporating the cultural nuances of the target market while maintaining the integrity of your original text.

Full Service
Our eBooks translations are more than a simple language translation — we provide full localization services to ensure the end product is fluent in the target language. This means adapting, not just the text, but all of the voiceover, subtitled photos and interactive content unique to the digital book format.

We offer eBook and iBooks Textbook translation services for both fiction and nonfiction works.

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LocTeam provides eBook translation services that cover all stages of the process: translation and localization, design, layout adaptation and technical conversion. Here's a look at our step-by-step process:

Reception of Material and File Conversion

We first download your eBook files (usually ePub, MOBI or iBooks). Because these formats can’t be translated directly, we will convert them to a format that the translators can work with. We may also use our translation memory software to speed up the translation process. It scans LocTeam's extensive database of past translations, as well as those within the same project, to ensure repeat words and phrases are translated consistently throughout. 

Translation and Proofreading (Including Linguistic Quality Check)

LocTeam has a large team of specialized editors ready to accommodate your content and stylistic revisions, no matter how technical or complex a text may be. Following translation, we thoroughly proofread each eBook, comparing it with its source material to identify and fix any inappropriate additions, omissions or misinterpretations, as well as grammar, spelling and typos.

We also work to ensure your eBook translation reflects the meaning, tone and register of your source text while evaluating how the text conforms to the standards of the target language.

If applicable, we analyze the images and video content and determine whether those elements will need translation or any other type of adaptation, such as dubbing or subtitling.

iBooks Textbook Translation
Of the types of eBooks translations we do, Apple's iBooks Textbook is the most in demand due to its interactivity and design flexibility, as well as the fact that iBooks Textbooks are fully customizable, attractive and user-friendly. If, in addition to translation services, you are interested in converting your eBook into the iBooks format, LocTeam can help. We can easily add widgets — such as galleries, Keynote presentations, 3-D objects and interactive images — as well as customize HTML widgets, add voiceover and much more.

Learn more about LocTeam's eBook production and design services.

Text Integration and Layout Adaptation

The translated text is integrated back into the original file format and the layout is adapted depending on the requirements of each format. In this step we have to take into account, among other things, the size of the boxes, text flow, character and paragraph styles, typography and hyphenation.

If images contain text, we will replace them with translated images that retain the same size, position and interactivity as the originals.

Testing and Delivery

After eBook translation and layout adaptation are complete, the LocTeam Quality Assurance team conducts exhaustive functional and linguistic testing to deliver a linguistically and culturally accurate eBook that publishers can market to their target audience with confidence and success.

We test to ensure that the:

  • eBook can be correctly installed on any device
  • Interactive features work accurately 
  • Content and layout of the eBook or iBooks Textbook have been adapted satisfactorily for the corresponding devices (Kindle, iPad and other e-readers)
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Need to create a new eBook or an app to accompany one of your publications? See how LocTeam has helped other publishers reach a digital audience.

Here are a few recent projects:

App Production: Children’s game, “Pirate Plot”, for the iTunes Store.

eBook Production and Design: iBooks Textbook “Tapas Guide” for the iTunes Store.

Learn more about our eBook production and design and app production experience.

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eBook Translation & Adaptation