Ready to expand your publishing success into the digital book marketplace? LocTeam provides eBook production and design services that can turn your printed book or manuscript into an attractive, user-friendly, electronic book that works flawlessly.

Produce your eBook with LocTeam for conversion into any format, for any device.

With more than 20 years of experience in software engineering and book production, LocTeam has the technical expertise and broad subject matter experience to manage your eBook development process from beginning to end.

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LocTeam's dedicated project managers value timely and thorough communication. They will work with you every step of the way to ensure the end product meets your creative and business objectives. Here's a peek at what you can expect during our process:

Layout Design Proposal

Our eBook Design Team will either design your eBook from scratch, or by following your desired template or printed book. If you have a specific layout in mind, we can adapt it for the desired format (ePub, MOBI or iBooks). Or if you prefer to follow our creative lead, we will present an initial design proposal and collaborate with you as it's brought to life.

Whatever the creative direction, our process begins by integrating part of your content into the desired format. This helps guide us on the most suitable layout for the eBook.

eBook Production

Once you have approved the proposed layout, we integrate the full content into your chosen digital book format, whether it be ePub, MOBI or Apple's iBooks.

While we can produce high-quality eBooks for any type of device or operating system, LocTeam offers special expertise in iBooks Textbooks for iOS and Mac, which are fully customizable, attractive and user-friendly.

iBooks Creation
We usually use iBooks Author, as the iBooks file format is in demand due to its interactivity and design flexibility. We can easily add widgets — such as galleries, Keynote presentations, 3-D objects and interactive images. We can also customize HTML widgets, add voiceover, and much more.

eBook Design 
We can also design eBooks using the ePub file format with CSS styling to enhance the look and layout. Due to its reflowable and resizable text, ePub can be adapted to any e-reader so it's often a desired format.

eBook Conversion 
If you are already offering eBooks in an ePub or MOBI format but would like to enhance the design and functionality, LocTeam can help. Our eBook conversion services take advantage of the technical features of iBooks Author to seamlessly convert your product into Apple's iBooks format.

Testing and Delivery

Following the successful eBook design and production, the LocTeam Quality Assurance team conducts exhaustive functional testing to deliver a visually pleasing, intuitively designed eBook that works right every time and meets the needs of the modern reader.

We test to validate that the:

  • eBook can be correctly installed on any device
  • Interactive features work properly 
  • Content and layout of the eBook have been adapted satisfactorily for the corresponding devices (Kindle, iPad and other e-readers)
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