To succeed in the global marketplace, your mobile app must speak the language of the target country. When you take into account the app itself, plus related documentation like product websites, marketing messages and help files, internationalizing your app can feel like an overwhelming concept. But it doesn't have to.

Partner with LocTeam for the highest quality, full-service professional app translation and localization for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Our end-to-end services are backed by:

  • More than 25 years of software engineering experience, including our work with one of the world's top developers of consumer electronics and software
  • The industry's most diverse portfolio of subject matter expertise
  • Extensive multilingual translation capabilities (80+ languages)

Whatever your mobile platform, topic or target languages, LocTeam is the mobile app localization expert you can count on to get the job done right. For more information or a quote, contact us today.

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The best proof to LocTeam's capabilities is the more than 10,000 software localization projects we have been entrusted with since 1990 and the long-term client relationships we have sustained since that time.

Are you considering localizing your app to increase global sales? Trust LocTeam's valuable combination of quality service, subject matter expertise and technical experience.

Dedicated Service

Our aim at LocTeam is to make our clients' lives easier. We know you want to be sure your product is in reliable hands. Our project managers will analyze your mobile app localization request and work with you to determine the best financial and technical approach. They will then serve as the intermediary between you and the entire translation and engineering team, providing timely and consistent communication every step of the way.

Subject Matter Expertise

No matter the topic or category of your mobile app, LocTeam's experienced translators can do the job. Since 1990, LocTeam has carried out more than 10,000 software localization projects and has translated more than 3,000 titles for leading European and American publishing houses. Our portfolio of specialized translations covers an extensive variety of categories, from the most general (lifestyle and travel) to the more specific (health, technology and financial topics).

Technical Proficiency

LocTeam has more than 25 years' experience in localization engineering, including our work with one of the world's top developers of consumer electronics and software. We use the industry's best tools and develop and employ our own translation memory tools to increase the accuracy and efficiency of every job. And, as technology evolves, so do we. We are on the forefront of the software localization industry, taking advantage of all the latest industry tools while constantly innovating to meet each client’s unique needs.

Time and Cost Efficiencies

We don't "start fresh" with every app translation or app localization job. Doing so would cost more and take longer. Unlike other professional app localization services, LocTeam's engineers draw upon our large, advanced database of mobile glossaries and translation memories, compiled from more than two decades of experience and thousands of successful localization and translation projects. Using what we’ve learned on previous projects of the same subject matter, language or mobile platform, we can make your Android, Windows Phone or iOS localization project faster and more affordable.

LocTeam's translators are highly skilled at translating character strings correctly — and at the proper length — the first time around. It’s a challenge, given that the same concept can vary greatly in length between languages. But our translators have developed learned efficiencies over thousands of projects, and that translates to time and cost savings for our clients.

Seamless, Efficient Processes

Your team at LocTeam understands how to accelerate time to market, reduce costs, improve the quality of global content and apply industry-leading tools to make the app localization and translation process seamless and secure. See how our process works.

Security and Confidentiality

We follow a very strict security protocol. We’re used to working on highly confidential projects, so we take your app’s security very seriously. All of our servers are located behind a Cisco firewall system so they are not accessible via the Internet, with the exception of our FTP server (which is inside the DMZ area). If additional security measures are required, we can create a password-protected internal FTP server, encrypting conversations between computers in 3DEF. We also provide additional layers of protection:

  • Internal servers are located in secure rooms and passwords are changed every 30 days
  • Servers undergo daily backup and those files are then encrypted 
  • We use paper shredders to delete all confidential information, and we restrict information distribution to specific project groups 
  • All external collaborators sign a non‑disclosure agreement (NDA) with us prior to starting any translation project
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LocTeam delivers professional app localization solutions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone app developers. From full-service project management and app translation to software engineering and testing, our localization team can handle projects of any scale — expertly, efficiently and accurately.

Full-Service Project Management

At LocTeam, our commitment to quality goes beyond just delivering a superior end product. We've built many strong and enduring customer relationships by providing quality service from start to finish. We will manage every aspect of your mobile app localization project, while leveraging cost efficiencies along the way.

Software Engineering

About 15% of the mobile app translation workload is on the technical side, where LocTeam's engineers modify your software to make it suitable for the target market. Changes range from minor interface modifications and adapting the app to the country-specific keyboard configuration, to inserting translated text into the localization files (.strings, .xib, .nib, .xml, etc.). All changes respect the layout of the original app, the challenges required by the target markets, and the importance of preserving the “look and feel” of the original iOS, Android or Windows Phone app.

Need iOS app translation? Learn more about LocTeam's specialized iOS localization services.

Multilingual Translation Services

With more than two decades of experience translating books, software, operating systems and more, our network of 1,500+ experienced and qualified linguistic specialists can translate your app and its related content into any language.

See what we've been doing: Explore our portfolio of localization projects.

Mobile App Content Translation
About 85% of an app translation is content-unique to a specific subject matter. We are experts in translating mobile content across a broad range of categories, from the most specialized (medical, economics, technology, etc.) to the more general (lifestyle, productivity, travel guides, etc.).

Marketing and Documentation Translation
We manage the multilingual localization and translation of your app-related marketing content, maintaining consistency across platforms and media:

  • Descriptions for mobile app stores (App Store, Google Play Store, BlackBerry World, Windows Phone Store, Amazon Appstore)
  • Keywords
  • Product website
  • Documentation, including help files and user manuals

Graphics and Movies Localization
We use the latest animation and video-editing applications to localize any movie or graphic, from the usual screenshots to the most complex high-resolution ones.

Audio Voiceover Services
Linguistic experts from our vast multilingual network will provide clear and accurate voiceover translations for your app's audio features.

Multilingual Document Translation Management
Internationalizing your app for multiple target languages? LocTeam will streamline your projects by providing a single point of contact who will manage and compile all translations into a single multilingual manual.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

LocTeam's QA team guarantees that final deliveries of localized iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps meet the highest standards and fulfill your expectations. Our proven testing process detects and resolves functional, aesthetic and language issues and tests your app on all applicable devices. Download our Mobile App Localization Process flowchart for a detailed look at the steps we take to ensure a flawless product every time.

Ongoing Maintenance

As your app evolves, LocTeam will serve as your ongoing localization partner. By using your previous localized version, as well as extensive translation memories and mobile glossaries, we can ensure consistency, accuracy and cost savings on future updates and redesigns.

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Since 1990, LocTeam provides a full range of translation services, including website localization and translation, app localization, marketing and document translation and publishing. With an expert international team of translators, proofreaders, engineers, testers, editors, graphic designers and project managers — and our network of some 1,500 experienced and qualified linguistic specialists — we are positioned to meet the changing needs of our broad range of global clients.

From this position of strength, LocTeam serves the international marketplace while continuing to leverage and grow our worldwide resources and services. Learn more about us.

Multilingual Capabilities

We provide Android, Windows Phone and iOS app translation and localization services in more than 80 languages.

Our linguistic specialists - which include professional translators, reviewers and testers - are native speakers in the target language, with long-term experience in mobile app localization and testing.

Our teams also include subject matter experts, familiar with the specific terminology of the target topic.

Subject Matter Expertise

LocTeam has carried out more than 10,000 software localization projects and has produced more than 3,000 titles for leading European and U.S. publishing houses, in a wide array of categories. Here are some of our areas of experience:

Architecture Entertainment Lifestyle
Art Fashion Nature
Biographies Food and Beverage Productivity
Botany Games Religion
Cinema Gardening Self Help
Children’s Topics Geography Social Networks
Design Handicrafts Technical
Drawing Health Travel
Economics/Financial History Well-being
Children’s TopicsCinema
FashionFood and Beverage
Self HelpSocial Networks

And much more!

Mobile Platform Expertise

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At LocTeam, we bring more than two decades of experience to every project. Clients can be confident that we have the best tools, technology and infrastructure in place to meet their needs.


LocTeam uses all of the major industry software localization tools relevant to the translation, engineering and testing process. In addition, we have also developed its own proprietary set of localization tools that work to improve the speed and quality of mobile app translation. LocTeam performs testing across multiple platforms (such as, iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and uses clean installations for all target OS testing.

Mobile Glossaries and Translation Memories

With our extensive glossaries and translation memories from previous projects, you'll get a head start on time and cost efficiencies before the project has even begun. This also increases consistency and coherence throughout the app and other localized materials (marketing, documentation, product website, etc.).

Our mobile glossaries and translation memories contain:

  • Technical terminology translations specific to the iOS, Android or Windows Phone platforms
  • The most common short terms and abbreviations used in mobile apps, as well as those to avoid, in 38 languages
  • Specialized translations and terminology on virtually every subject matter
  • An archive of your previous app versions, so previous translations can be used to reduce the cost of updates
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App Localization

Service Packages

Translation Only

checkApp User Interface
- iOS: .strings, .xib/.nib, .plist
- Android: .xml
- Windows Phone: .resx, .resw, .resjson

checkApp Online Help: .html, .xml

checkMarketing Store Description: App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store

checkKeywords Supporting Website: .xml, .html

checkSupporting Documentation: .indd, .doc, .ai

No matter the type of content to be translated, nor the file format, all LocTeam translators are native speakers and experts on app localization. Each holds a degree in translation and has a minimum of 5 years in the translation industry.

All translations are proofread by a second translator/reviewer. We use translation memory tools to allow an optimized management of terminology, ensure consistency throughout the material and keep the translation memory as a reference for future updates.

A dedicated project manager will handle communication and manage all aspects of multilingual translations, streamlining the entire process. For more information or a quote, contact us today.

Translation/Localization, Software Engineering and Testing

All Standard Service features, plus...

checkApp User Interface Localization and App Testing

checkApp Online Help Localization and Testing

checkSupporting Website and Testing

Thorough testing is an important factor in determining whether your localized app will be fully functional and linguistically flawless. We recommend that all localized apps be tested using the actual devices on which the app is intended to run.

Standard iOS/Android apps (around 5,000 words, including app-related documentation and online help) have an estimated delivery time of two to three weeks upon approval, including engineering and testing. For more information or a quote, contact us today.

Translation, Engineering, Testing and Added Features

All Standard and Premium Service features, plus...

checkGraphics Localization

checkDTP Services

checkAudio Voiceover

checkOngoing Maintenance

If your app has unusual requirements, or special features such as graphics, videos or audio files that need to be localized, LocTeam can help. In addition, our multidisciplinary team can manage any specific technical support or ongoing maintenance you may need. For more information or a quote, contact us today.